American Eagle in Tyler Safe from Company Woes?

The only commercial air service in Tyler should be safe, despite the financial struggles of American Airlines.

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport manager, Davis Dickson says their partnership with American and it's American Eagle hub in Tyler is solid.

In fact, many of the American Eagle flights out of Tyler Pounds Regional Airport have been over-booked recently. Dickson says the numbers this March exceeded American's numbers in Tyler for the same month last year.

"I have been in conversations with American Eagle for the past few days they have always commented to me that they are very strong in Tyler and very committed to Tyler," says Davis Dickson, Tyler Pounds Regional Airport. "And we have had a long term relationship with American Eagle and I feel confident even through these negotiations that I understand are really progressing in a good way that American is going to remain committed to Tyler."

Despite American narrowly avoiding bankruptcy this week, Dickson says the airline has even indicated to him recently that there's a possibility of expanding service at the Tyler airport, possibly to Austin.

Dana Dixon reporting