Assault Weapons Found on Tyler Street

Two families living on the 5,000 block of Edinburgh Street found semi-automatic weapons, ammunition, loaded gun magazines, and a bulletproof vest on their property early Tuesday.

Kerry Murphy, who just moved to the neighborhood a few months ago, found the first gun in his backyard while taking out his garbage.

"That morning I woke up and heard a lot of noise," he recalls. "When I came outside I noticed something had happened to my gate and my fence."

Behind Murphy's smashed fence, authorities found an Intratec TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol. Meanwhile, a resident nearby discovered an SKS automatic rifle with 40 rounds of ammunition.

The pistol found in Murphy's backyard is no longer manufactured, but gun dealer Mack Woods with the Shootist Gun and Knife Shop says it's not uncommon to own one.

"The TEC-9 is just a large handgun with a big magazine that can hold a lot of bullets," he says. "It has somehow become an icon with outlaws in recent years and that trend is giving the gun a derogatory name."

Authorities are looking into the possibility the weapons were dumped in the neighborhood following a residential burglary.

"We did run the serial numbers on the guns, and as of yesterday, they were not reported stolen," says Tyler Public Information Officer Chris Moore. "But we will notify other agencies in case it happened somewhere else and hasn't been reported yet."

Kerri Panchuk, reporting.