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Would you trade popcorn for salad at the movies?


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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Popcorn and movies go hand in hand, but this could all change. The head of a major Hollywood studio has found that the majority of movie goers want healthier options at the concession stand. He is asking theatre owners to listen to their plea.

Movie-goers call getting popcorn and a drink at the movies a tradition.

"If I bought something, popcorn would be the item," said Jack Hardin.

"Yea, we put a little butter on it," said William Thomas.

Despite the popularity of the buttery kernels, the head of Sony pictures says two-thirds of movie-goers would buy healthy snacks if they were offered. But is an East Texas audience really ready to make a switch?

"I think it is just tradition," said Jeremy Simpson, the manager of Time Square Cinema. "You want to buy popcorn. You kind of splurge a little bit when you go to the movies."

Here is some food for thought: A public interest group found that a medium popcorn and medium coke at the nation's largest movie theatre chain is the same as eating three quarter pounders and 12 pats of butter.

"That sounds pretty correct," said Real Johnson, a sports nutritionist. "People don't realize when you eat empty calorie foods how many calories you are actually taking in compared to a healthy food."

Johnson says a broader range of food choices will help fight obesity.

"Maybe apple slices with a little bit of peanut butter or granola or dried fruit."

Some East Texans are ready to jump on the health-food bandwagon.

"I would be more likely to buy health foods," said Paulette Green.

"Because the popcorn is not healthy at all," said 9-year-old Alexis.

But, others will stick to their ways.

"I want my popcorn and my chocolate," said Venus Thomas.

It is up to theatres to decide if they will scoop up a more nutritious option.

The survey also took parents' opinions into consideration. More than half of parents said healthier concessions would enhance the movie going experience. 42% said they would buy concessions more often if healthier choices were offered.

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