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Could solution to health care reform be what you eat?

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - So much attention has been paid to the health care reform debate, and what can be done to lower costs and make it available to more people. One East Texas woman says quality health care could be as easy as "diet"!

Can the best medicine be the food you eat?

Some Longview women say they had serious chronic illnesses and had tried every traditional medicine to heal.

"I went to doctor after doctor," said one woman. "[I had] a stroke in 2008 and heart attacks in 2009."

"Anything you can think of I've tried it," said another. "Liquid diets, no eating, no nothing."

Danielle Heard founded Artemis in the City, a dietary program geared toward using specific foods and herbs to cure various health ailments.

"I became chronically ill in 1996 and so that's really what started my path to natural health and healing," she explained. "Within two months of changing my diet, all of my severe arthritic pain was gone and within two years, I was well."

The results have been life changing for those in her program. Dozens of clients have seen amazing turnarounds from Heard's program.

"I was on 14 medications when I came to see Danielle...I started to feel noticeably better within 30 days," said one client.

"My arthritis is starting to reduce and I've lost over 65 pounds," said another.

"I can discover what foods they actually like and help them make healthier choices...Food is the best medicine," said Heard.

You are what you eat has a whole different meaning for these ladies.

"As each one of my clients regain their health, it just helps me continue with my mission," said Heard.

If you would like to learn more about Heard's program, click here.

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