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Freedom Fighter: Ronald Oas

By Joan Hallmark - bio | email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - Ronald Oas's career as a U.S. Navy Submariner ranged from the early subs of World War II to the sophisticated nuclear subs of today. Oas, called "runt" by childhood playmates, joined the Submarine Service at the age of 17. In his first taste of war, his submarine The U.S.S. Pollack destroyed two Japanese cargo ships and then had to wait silently under water while 600 pound depth charges exploded all around it. The Pollack would sink 11 Japanese ships and damage 24 before during its four war patrols in World War II ended.

Ronald Oas went on to spend 21 years in "the Silent Service" on submarines ranging from the early diesel/battery subs to the prestigious U.S.S. Robert E. Lee Nuclear sub. Oas has written about his experiences in his book "Honor Of The Name".

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