Red Cross Needs Your Help to Help Military Families

Natassia Nash has spent the days since the war started with her ear to the phone.

"For me I am also a volunteer night," says Natassia Nash. "I have gotten double the calls people saying I want to see where my son is."

As a Red Cross volunteer, Natassia is one of only a few willing and trained to handle the questions coming in from concerned military family members.

"Based on our experience with Desert Storm our military calls increased 400 percent and we are just not staffed to handle that," says Susan Campbell, Red Cross Public Affairs.

Susan Campbell, also a volunteer at the red cross says volunteers like Natassia serve as an important life line to the armed forces.  The Red Cross is entrusted with getting important, sometimes sensitive messages to the troops.

"What we are taking now are emergency messages," says Campbell.  "Because of the war we have to be careful what is getting delivered."

One of the calls keeping them busy is people wanting to donate care packages.

"But right now we can't send anything the department of defense has asked us not to send. They are just concerned for our troops," says Campbell.

Just as concerned are the Red Cross volunteers. They only hope East Texans will redirect their giving in the form of time so our local men and women in the military won't go without important messages from home.

Dana Dixon, reporting.