A Look Inside A Superior Fighting Machine

It's sixty tons of armored assault vehicle, with 3 heavy machine guns, and a 122 millimeter main gun, a 4 man crew, and a 40 mile range.  The M-1 Abrams tank is the model that all tanks are measured by... a rolling battleship. A look inside an M-1 at the Longview Guard Armory shows tight spaces, thick armored walls, and state of the art targeting systems, giving them tinted ports for periscope type vision of what they're attacking. It's the Army's "knockout punch"... and the men who fight in them know that they're basically a rolling target. It's easily the most dangerous part of conventional warfare, tanks are usually always at the spearhead of an attack and in the field they're not alone.  There are the problems of fuel ,water, ammunition and maintenance. It actually takes 16 people to support one tank. Their tactics are hard hitting, and they've drilled countless hours for the job their doing right now in Iraq... and how good they are may determine how quickly this war is over.