War-Related Scam Alert

It's hard to understand, but there's a national consumer alert being issued on possible wartime scams.

The Better Business Bureau says their favorite tools of the trade are telemarketing and e-mails that insist you act now.

The scams often claim they aid military families or wounded service persons.  Some of them also use government sound-alike names to convince you they are valid such as the "Homeland Defense Fund."

The Better Business Bureau also suggests you don't blindly donate to a curb side can with a wartime theme.

"There can be products survival products that can be pitched they can be useless and you really need to depend on an authority and your local authority are your police and sheriff's and homeland security web site."

For more information on war related scams and how to check out a charity or a company you'd like to support... Go to the Know More on 7 icon. There you'll find a link to "war-related scams."