Creative Girl Wants To Share Her Talents

Kristie sits at a table reading her diary out loud, detailing many adventures, "And this page talks about when we went to sea world. That was fun." This 11 year old likes to be active. "Whatever she does she does pretty well," says Patrisha Skelton, a caseworker with Child Protective Services. One of her favorite hobbies is arts and crafts. She also likes swimming, rollerblading, riding her bike, singing and listening to country music. "My favorite song is 'You Won't Ever Be Lonely.' I'm not sure if it's called that but, Kenny Chesney sings it," says Kristie. She hopes to someday find a permanent home where she can also have a pet. "A family with a lot of animals and a horse, especially a lot of horses. I like riding horses," Kristie says with a smile.

But what this young girl would like more than anything, is a home with a lot of love, something she's never had. "Her abuse was recognized when she was 3 years old. It was so severe that she could not stay in a home at that time," explains Skelton. She was eventually put in Foster Care, moving from home to home. Skelton goes on to say, "She's ready for a forever home. She normally tells me things like she'd like a Mom and Dad." Kristie adds, "I was thinking about just a mom, but I want to be the littlest one. I'd get to do more things."

As a result of the abuse, this 5th grader will need to continue therapy and require extra help with homework but she is making progress. "She's right on target to graduate on time according to the school system. I think just that she's been able to overcome what she has been through is a major positive for this child," says Skelton. Kristie enjoys school, "Actually, my favorite subject is Fine Arts, then Spellings, then Science, then Reading, them Math, then Social Studies." She would some day like the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities as well. "Oh, I'd love to do gymnastics," Kristie says beaming from ear to ear. And like most young girls, she loving shopping and buying things. But it's the one thing you can't buy that Kristie longs for the most, the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Kristie or about adoption or fostering a child, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.