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A Better East Texas: Hutchison needs to honor promise

The Republican Gubernatorial primary has passed and it is time for the next step for one of the candidates. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison pledged to resign her Senate seat after the primary election no matter the outcome. She made the promise back on November 13 of last year after she was challenged on her promise earlier in the year to resign to campaign fulltime for the Governor's seat. Her reason for staying was the heated healthcare debate and her possible role in the critical votes surrounding the bill. But now it is more than a procedural issue in Washington, it is her personal image. If she stays in her Senate seat until twenty-twelve, she will no doubt continue to serve Texas well but she will have broken some very public promises. If she resigns, Governor Perry will be able to appoint an interim Senator to serve the remainder of Senator Hutchison's term and will perhaps have the leg up on other new Senators if elected in twenty-twelve. There is a lot of political wrangling on the side but it cannot overshadow the pledge that Kay Bailey Hutchison made to go ahead and leave office after the March primary. She has had a great run representing the Lone Star State but if she wants to keep her reputation intact she needs to step down. Her decision will reassure Texans that we say what we mean and we mean what we say or it will add to a general distrust of elected officials.  She needs to gracefully move on, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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