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ETBU's Bucket of Love drive to benefit Haiti

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MARSHALL, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas university is doing all it can to help feed the needy people of Haiti through a program that shows their Christian belief.

Prominently on display at ETBU's chapel were 164 five-gallon buckets filled with food for Haitian earthquake victims.

"I do feel like now that the media is starting to pull out of Haiti and into Chile - that Haiti is kind of getting left behind, but I think both need help as much as we can," said Emily Spoerl, an ETBU sophomore.

It is all part of a national campaign called Buckets of Hope. Students and staff donated their own money, got donations from churches and even area businesses.

"We challenged them to give for Buckets of Hope and then we would match so much up to that point and I think kids in my class gave over $400," said Danny Essary, with ETBU.

"I think anybody could do it," said Spoerl. "It was $35 to make the buckets and anybody with $35, that's dinner out."

Dinner out for us equals rice, beans, flour and sugar - enough food to feed a Haitian family for a week.

"I think I've rarely been as proud of ETBU as I am today. Let's give God the glory."

But it sends a bigger message.

"I'm just glad were could do something so far away," said Zack Standley, an ETBU junior. "It's a opportunity for us as Christians to show we care."

The Buckets of Hope is a national campaign by the Southern Baptist Convention.

"I am very proud of my students," said Essary. "That's what its all about: them getting involved and helping people that don't have any hope right now."

ETBU has collected more than $7,000 in donations. Within a week an 18-wheeler will collect the Buckets of Hope and take them to Florida for placement in cargo containers for immediate shipment to the island nation.

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