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Tyler easing sign ordinance restrictions

Released by the City of Tyler:

TYLER, TX - The Tyler City Council voted unanimously to ease restrictions related to commercial signage outlined in the City's Unified Development Code. The new relaxation of the temporary sign permit regulations will allow for one temporary sign (typically a banner) for every 500 feet of frontage per lot. In contrast to years past, these would be allowed year around and would not require a permit.

Prior to the changes approved today, the ordinance allowed a business to display only one temporary banner for a 30-day period, two times per year. These temporary banners had to be permitted through the City's Planning and Zoning Department.

"The ordinance changes we enacted today are a significant easing of the code that should help local businesses in their efforts to promote themselves," said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass. "We were hearing input that the ordinance was too restrictive. In these tough economic times, we needed to take action to support our local business community."

After hearing input from the business community, the City conducted a citizen survey and held a public meeting to gather additional feedback. Based upon the information gathered, the Unified Development Code Committee made a recommendation to the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) that the ordinance be altered. The P&Z supported that recommendation and brought it forward to the City Council for consideration today. The City continued to gather citizen input on www.MytTylerSurvey.com through this process.

"The ordinance was designed to limit visual clutter in the community and preserve our natural beauty," added Mayor Bass. "Striking a balance between preserving the beauty and unique character of the community AND not hindering businesses in their efforts to market themselves is a challenge and should be something that we all care about."

The intent of the ordinance is to preserve the beauty and unique character of the community and to ensure signs are maintained and placed appropriately for the public welfare.

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