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Little Big Town

By Coleman Swierc

CAYUGA, TEXAS (KLTV) - It's hard to tell where the town of Cayuga starts or ends.

"Just tell people, it is between Corsicana and Palestine, ha ha ha," said Cayuga Athletic Director Tommy Allison.

But all roads end with a state championship.

"We have the chance to win two state championships in one year, one in football, one in basketball, and we have the 3rd ranked baseball team," said Allison, "So we really do have a chance to do something very special."

Pretty incredible, a town with no more than 700 people, in a place few can find, boasts the best group of athletes one could ever hope for.

"We really knew they were something special in 8th grade," said Bill Shead, Cayuga High School principal and father to Traylon Shead, a member of the state champion football team and regional champion basketball team, "They just hated to lose, and even the thought of losing, they would throw a fit."

"We always knew that maybe something like this could happen once, but never in football and basketball," said CHS teachers aide Debra Brown, "I would have never believed this a long time ago that this could happen."

But it shouldnt be a surprise, even the smallest Wildcat fans, dream of winning.

"We try to teach our kids at this young age to want to grow up and be like that, be winners, and to try and build a program," said Allison, "These kids look up to the older kids, and that is what makes it special."

The future is bright, but the present is glowing, giving the school, town and people a reason to smile.

"It is just a sense of renewed pride," said Shead, "People can walk around with their chest out, and be proud of where they come from."

"I was here when we didnt win a game in football," said Brown, "Now we might win state in two sports, we are blessed, we really are, and we know it."

In Cayuga, only two things matter.

"All we do, is church, and the basektball game," said Brown.

Oh yeah, the football team isnt bad either.

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