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A new way to battle Mexican drug cartels

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's a war that knows no border. Now the deadly effects of drug trafficking by Mexican cartels is spilling over into the United States, but one border church is battling bullets with a message.

Pastor Nicolas Hernandez says his community of Ciudad Juarez, on the Texas border, is being torn apart by kidnapping and thoughtless killings.

"Every time every day we hear some people was killed," says Hernandez,"We say well one more that's normal, that is the problem."

Last year, the Washington Post reported 2,600 drug war deaths in Juarez, an epidemic Hernandez believes he knows how to stop.

"We truly believe that what is going on in Juarez is because of us, that we haven't spread the gospel," says Hernandez.

So the pastor and members of his church decided to put the word of God in every hand in Juarez, a goal sister church First Baptist Tyler noticed.

"It's really out of sight," says church member Dick Hurst,"It makes it out of mind but the evil out there really right on our border is compelling."

His effort is growing and gaining support. In five years Hernandez says he can reach every person in Juarez.

"If this doesn't help to grow the good news, [then] Christ will have to come to do it." smiles Hernandez.

Until he does return, Hernandez says his message will continue. The Juarez church's first step will be to distribute 5,000 cd's and 100,000 pamphlets to 46 neighbor churches.

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