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Nazi symbol graffitied on Longview underpass

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It is not something that would normally offend so many people: graffiti. But, a display found on a railroad underpass in Longview, did just that Friday morning.

A swastika along with the words white power were found near Mobberly Avenue and Cotton Street.

Amos Snow reported the graffiti to the city and workers came out to cover the symbol.

For many it is an ugly reminder that the hate of some groups is still very much alive.

"Of all the vile disgusting things I've ever seen, swastikas top the list," said Snow, a Longview businessman. "I was personally offended and it's bad for the community...this is the United States of America. We were established for freedom not extremist views, and when a Nazi symbol pops up in Longview, Texas, there's a problem."

It is unknown when or who put the Nazi symbol on the underpass.

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