7 On Your Side: Jump in electric bill? This may be to blame

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It is one of the most common complaints we have received in the last few months, "My electric bill is out of control!"

Turns out a lot of people noticed the jumps - in some cases as much as 500% - after new "smart meters" were installed.

The digital meters have come under heavy criticism in other parts of Texas. In Houston, more than 3,000 of the digital readers were removed after a software failure.

One state lawmaker is calling for a third party test of the meters.

"Oncor fully supports independent third party testing of a significant sample because we want to rebuild that public trust and based on our experience have no reason to doubt the accuracy," said Catherine Cuellar, with Oncor.

Smart meters and high bills are at the center of a class-action lawsuit in California.

As for high bills here, Oncor blames the winter. And, the National Weather Service confirms last December was colder than the previous four.

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