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Lindale intermediate students ask, "Got change?"

Released by the Lindale ISD:

LINDALE, TX - Kiwanis Kids at Lindale's E.J. Moss Intermediate School want to know if their fellow fifth and sixth grade students have "Got Change?"

"Got Change?" is a fundraiser developed by Kiwanis Kids, or K-Kids, concerned about the future of Haiti after the country was devastated by an earthquake.  The students' idea was to put a milk jug in each homeroom to collect change.  Their idea was inspired by the "Got Milk?" campaign, and the K-Kids put "Got Change?" labels on each jug.

As of Friday, February 26th the "Got Change?" fundraiser had already brought in $534.57 from E.J. Moss students.  The fundraiser runs from February 16-March 19.

K-Kids is a student-led community-service organization sponsored by the Hide-A-Way Lake Kiwanis Club.  The objectives of K-Kids include working in service to their schools and community, developing leadership skills and strong moral character, and encouraging loyalty to their school, community and nation.

"After hearing of the devastation in Haiti, our K-Kids members were quick to respond with this idea," K-Kid Lauren Lang said. "It's our little way of showing we care."

"I am so proud that E.J. Moss students are participating in such a big way with our fundraiser for Haiti," K-Kid Terah Hancock said.

During the "Got Change?" fundraiser, a K-Kids member is designated to count the money in each homeroom on Tuesday's and Friday's.  The money is then collected in large containers for each grade level. The winning homeroom in each grade receives a popcorn party on March 26 hosted by K-Kids and Hide-A-Way Lake Kiwanis members.

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