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Carr family's home tip of the iceberg

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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - When it comes to gifts the Carr family received, their new Extreme Makeover home was just the tip of the iceberg.

Friday, East Texas businesses gathered around the family and presented them with more surprises.

Bayless Custom Homes were in charge of the project, but they say they didn't build this home. This is the house that East Texas built.

"I can't say surprised because I am an East Texan," said builder, Gary Bayless. "This is the best place in the country to live."

"The love of this community is beyond anything I have ever dreamed of," said Katrina Carr.

A community that is giving more than a house.

"On behalf of the sponsors we would like to hand you this check for $66,000 for your mortgage," said Darrin Bryan, with Bayless Custom Homes.

It was $66,000 given by Texas Bank and Trust, other top sponsors, and of course, East Texans.

"That will go toward, of course, their mortgage, medical expenses they might have, living expenses," said Jerry Woolverton with Texas Bank and Trust.

To lower their living expenses ever further, John Soules Foods presented the family with three years of free food!

"It was really neat to see the look on their face and the appreciation," said John Soules, Jr.  This family praises God in everything they do."

The gifts go on. Ford Motor Company donated a new set of wheels to the family. Brosang's Landscaping will keep their yard up for a year, and a number of East Texas businesses are sending the Carrs certificates for their services.

"By giving for their future we are going to insure that they are able to keep giving and being the people that they are," said Woolverton.

"I just want to thank you and thank God for each of you," said Carr. "Unbelievable. I feel like I am living in a dream"

Their dream now a reality, they thank everyone who made it happen.

The Bam Foundation gave the Carr family $750 Friday afternoon. The money was raised through an aluminum can drive in Tyler and Mineola.

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