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Meet the Carr family: 7-year-old Ryanne

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - The Extreme Makeover Carr family gets back Thursday for the big reveal, but before they do, we have one last family member to profile.

Ryanne Carr, 7, is an inspiration to so many people. There is nothing she doesn't like to do.

"I like to swim, I like to bike, I like to climb trees, I like to build Legos, I like to ride horses..." she said.

A happy, energetic little girl, you would never know that Ryanne is a triple amputee. Amniotic band syndrome caused Ryanne to lose both her legs and one arm. But Ryanne is very competitive, and doesn't let her disabilities stop her.

"She's our little athlete," said Katrina Carr, Ryanne's mom. "She runs all over the place and takes us on adventures we never dreamed we'd go on."

Ryanne proudly says she has 11 medals from all her competitions.

"I signed up for javel, I signed up for softball, I signed up for the 20 meter, the 60 meter and the 400 meter," she said.

In fact, sprinting is what she loves the most.

"I can beat my momma, too, and I can beat Mimi," she said.

She has her running legs of course, but she also changes out her prosthetics. She calls her shorter legs her "stubbies." She is no doubt running her family all over Honolulu.

"I like to swim and surf....and I like to collect sea shells and make sand castles," she said.

She is a genuinely happy little girl who inspires and touches everyone who meets her.

The new house will have broader hallways, giving Ryanne more independence and comfort with other added household resources.

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