Many East Texas College Students Supportive of Military Action

Student Jeremy Hatton says, "[Saddam Hussein] refuses to let us carry out what we're supposed to do, so I think this is the last resort."

It's a history class in the making. At Tyler Junior College, those who are learning about our history at war have strong opinions about this one.

Greg Mullins says, "It's like a little kid who doesn't fight back to the bully. And finally when they do fight back to the bully, they leave you alone. So I think we're over there doing a good thing."

Daryl Bullinger adds, "We're defusing a universal threat."

But as for support of the war, universal it's not.

Tamira Bell says, "I'm not for people dying unnecesarily. It could have been prevented, but it didn't happen that way."

Ashley Bridges says, "If we don't take care of it, then our kids are going to have to. They didn't take care of it ten years ago."

These students say war isn't about the here and now.  Dodie Armstrong says, "I'm a mother of a daughter, and I want her to have a better future."

Clay Ferrell says, "I'm glad that we do have this type of president. He is the kind of guy who goes after the things that need to be gone after, like Afghanistan." Clay was in the Navy when 9/11 happened. His brother's in Kuwait.

"He called this morning to let us know that he was doing good. He had a Scud missile fly over, and they had it shot down, right above their base," he says.

Others tell us there was plenty of time for Saddam to disarm. And that everyone knows war is real, and is always deadly.

Jeremy Hatton: "I have sympathy for the soldiers who are there fighting, and I even have it for the Iraqis who are fighting. Because, no one wants anyone to die under any circumstances but this is the last resort."

Reported by Morgan Palmer.