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Airman visits to say thank you to special group of East Texans

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Staff Sergeant James Sargent wanted to surprise East Texans with special needs at the Spring House Adult Care Center in Longview. And, though the airman came there to give a thank you, he left with so much more.

With their beautiful red, white and blue flags, Welcome Home Soldier and Spring House members surprised Sargent.

"To see some of the veterans out there to see the American flag..." said Sargent.

Being able to greet these fine folks means the world to Sargent. Spring House members sent care packages to the airman, among other things.

"We donated out...stuffed animals to the children over there," said Marie Sanderson.

"They're precious and they're soft and their cuddly," said Faye Herring, owner of Spring House Adult and Day Activity and Health Center. "We hope they make some little kid happy."

"It was an incredible site and a lot of these children don't have anything to play with you know and if you can give them a soccer ball or a teddy bear they'll cherish that the rest of their life," said Sargent.

He says saying thank you in person is the least he could do.

"I'm glad to be back glad to be shaking your hand," he said. "I couldn't do it if it wasn't for the people before me I tell you that."

"He means more than words can say and I'm really overwhelmed by this," said Sanderson.

"To see the happiness on my guys faces...that means more than you can explain," said Herring. "To see the look on his face when he's appreciated is thanks enough for anything."

"I love Texas!" laughed Sargent. "Every part of Texas."

Sargent is a C-130 Aircraft Load Master. During the Bush Administration he transported the president's limo and secret service vehicles throughout the world.

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