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Carr family will receive free food for years

By Sara Story - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The generosity of thousands of East Texans have helped make this Extreme Makeover possible. Many contributors will keep on giving, even after the big reveal. Among the list of donors, John Soules Foods will feed the Carr family for the next three years.

It is a family that has motivated the community. "I think what really inspires people is other people who, number one, are in need. But number two, give back to community like the Carr family has. It is an extreme thing, an awesome thing, that they are doing with their children," said John Soules, Jr.

John Soules Foods will help make this Extreme Makeover last longer than this week. In fact, they'll make it last three years by filling up the Carr's fridge with meat products. Soules said, "We just thought it would be something that would go a long way with the economy the way it is and food getting more and more expensive."

It's the same kind of community support that Soules company experienced when their meat packing facility burned in 1994.  "We had some real problems at that point. [We] didn't know if we were going to make it, and the community came together and helped us," said Soules. This event influenced them to give back. When the Carrs come home, Soules will find out what type of meats they like. He said the cost is unknown. "It will be something that shouldn't be a big deal for us. We aren't worried about that. We just want to take care of them," said Soules. They're just one of the companies doing their part to help out.

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