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Meet the Carr family: 8-year-old Haydn

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - Haydn is the oldest of the Carr girls and the only one without special needs.

When the extreme team rolled in to surprise the Carr family, 8-year-old Haydn was the first to alert the family.

"I was telling mom, 'mom I hear something like a motorcycle noise but she wasn't listening to me and then I heard Ty yelling and then we all went outside... "I was very happy," said Haydn.

"Haydn told me she said 'I thought you were going to faint,' said her mother Katrina Carr.

"Momma cried and papa I think he was trying to hold a cry," said Haydn. 

Haydn was adopted in 2002 from Kazakhstan, the same year Nicolas came into the family. While she doesn't face physical challenges like her siblings, her mom Katrina says she has the heart to help others who are less fortunate.

"She's my missionary," said Katrina.  "When they asked us if you were chosen where would you like to go and Haydn said, without missing a beat, 'North Korea' they said 'ok how about somewhere fun? Where would you like to go for fun?"

In fact, when we asked Haydn what she wanted in the new house, her first thought wasn't for herself but for her parents.

"I hope they give them a nice soft bed cause they have a hard one," said Haydn. 

"Haydn has been telling me 'momma I want you to have the kind of room you want," said Katrina. 

A very selfless little girl who is no doubt soaking up the last days of her vacation.

"I want to surf and I told Aunt Lizzy I would get her some sand because she likes sand a lot," said Haydn.

Always thinking of others but come Thursday, Haydn will have her very own surprise.

Haydn did say she hopes they get a tree house.

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