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Whew! What a weekend! Were you at the site?

By Ellen Krafve - bio | email

Whew! Can you believe the progress East Texans and the Extreme team have made over the weekend?! From Friday's concrete pour to stone being laid late into the night Sunday, it has been a crazy few days! (Anyone else tired yet?) Before I continue, you should know this "Extreme Blog" entry would not be possible without the help I had from some readers. Special thanks to Sharon Sartor for capturing the moments when I couldn't be there! (I have to warn you, though. This blog might take some time to read! But, it's worth it.)

This was the scene that greeted us at 1:30am Saturday morning as workers scrambled to get things ready for the concrete pour. 
Laying the plumbing. (Pretty important, right?) Photo Source: Sharon Sartor
You can see them laying the plumbing (Hallelujah!!! Pretty important, right?). Photo Source: Sharon Sartor.

Security guard, Dan O. told me that there were about 200 people on the site at this time, 70 of those were plumbers.
Sharon Sartor sent in this group shot of those preparing for the concrete pour.
Moments after finishing up things for the concrete pour, the food tent filled with these dashing men! Photo Source: Sharon Sartor.

But, I am getting ahead of myself a little bit. Before anyone can get on site, they have to pass through security (EXTREME security, that is)!Dan O with Extreme Security
Don't mess with Dan O! As you can see I was quaking in my shoes! Fortunately, he let me pass (Whew)! 

And, as if facing Dan O. wasn't enough, Wood County authorities were looking fierce keeping people safe!
Wood County authorities looking good keeping people safe!
Pictured Right to Left: Aaron, AJ, Nathan and Joel.

But, security would not be complete without these Brookshire's volunteers keeping an alert eye on the construction site. Thank you ladies!Brookshire's volunteers keeping an eye on things!
Pictured Right to Left: Norma Spier, Faith Pannell, Samantha Robertson and Julie Epperson. 

It's the moment all you web cam viewers have been waiting for…drum roll, please!The
I give you "The Evil Tree". (It has been blocking part of their 24/7 view of the construction site.) 

And, here is Sharon Sartor's shot of our LIVE truck that fuels the 24/7 web cam.Sharon Sartor sent in this picture of our LIVE truck with it's 24/7 web cam.

What a fun evening (or should I say way-to-early morning)! My head hit the pillow at 5am Saturday. (YIKES!!!). A mere 24 hours later, this is what workers had to show for themselves.Home at 2:25am Sunday.
This is the Carr home pictured at 2:25am Sunday.

Don't think these guys are slackers (in spite of the fact that looks like a tasty cup of goodness in his hand).
Bernard Gautier, of Bernard's, and Jean Marie Villette admire the construction site after feeding hundreds of construction workers.
Bernard Gautier, of Bernard's, and Jean Marie Villette are admiring the construction site after feeding hundreds of construction workers. (See? Told you they weren't slacking!)

This is what you would call "Girl power!"
Carrie Gorman and Jocelyn Hessel take a picture break.
Hardworking women, Carrie Gorman, a TJC nursing student, and Dr. Jocelyn Hessel, a vet from Quitman Animal Clinic take a picture break.

Who says there isn't anything to do in East Texas? Not these folks.Volunteers everywhere!
That about wraps up the late Saturday night/early Sunday morning shift.

A few hours later it actually looks like a home!Extreme Home Sunday at 4pm.
This pic of the Extreme Home was taken Sunday at 4pm. 

If you want to volunteer, you have to check in with these behind-the-scenes greeting women.Behind-the-scenes greeting women.
Front Row Left to Right: Margaret Cotten, Ardi Garlock, Ruth Smith. Middle Row: Liz Shaw, Carol Turnage. Top: Tamara Ihlenfeldt.

So who are the neighbors that are willing to change their routine for a week to change the Carr family's life? Take a look!

Renee Rogers, Lisa Reed, Ashley Duplechein, Doug Sanford, Ernie Davault, Ethan Duplechein.
Pictured Right to Left: Renee Rogers, Lisa Reed, Ashley Duplechein, Doug Sanford, Ernie Davault, Ethan Duplechein.

How would you like to give this a go?!Harris Garland concrete mixing whew!
Harris Garland shows how concrete mixing is done. Whew! 

I am thinking Harris may want to stop by this booth.Dolores martinez and Lucy Shacklett.
You can (kinda) see Dolores Martinez relaxing as Lucy Shacklett gives her a well earned massage.

There was even a doctor on hand to help people out.Dr. Charles Dixon, Cathy Dixon, Michele Miller.
Pictured Right to Left: Chiropractor Dr. Charles Dixon and wife, Cathy Dixon along with Michele Miller.

But, we must end this entry of "Ellen's Extreme Blog" with my favorite picture of all, sent in by Sharon Sartor. I would even say it holds the most important piece of information for us.Sharon Sartor in the out house :-)
Umm…might want to go before you leave the house.

Please, feel free to email me pictures of you and your friends on the Extreme Makover site. Never know where they might pop up!

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