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A Better East Texas: Tiger future as a role model

A year ago it may not have been imaginable by most that Tiger Woods would ever be anything less than a decent role model.  But perhaps now he has the opportunity to be a great role model.  He is at a defining point in his life – not his career – his life.  But I have to say, his actions up to this point don't impress me much.  He stated in his grand re-entry into public life that the matters before him were private, that he was sorry and that he was seeking help.  But if you are truly going to immerse yourself in something, external forces like public pressure and the media don't have a seat at your table.  If it is a private matter then keep it private.  Tiger Woods is going to work on his marriage but his wife was conspicuously absent from his appearance.  To me it seems like nothing has changed and his entire life, not just his career, are being driven by public opinion.  So, will Tiger and his wife go the way of one out of two marriages and end in divorce or will he step up and truly become a role model that makes a difference with his life's testimony?  Either way it sends a message for all of us that role models regularly show their humanity and it is in the face of challenge that their character truly emerges.   

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