Gilmer Family Waits for Navy Man

For those families of the men and women fighting the war overseas, the time they spend away is time they will simply never get back and memories that their loved ones will not be able to share.

For the Follingstad family in Gilmer it's a time of pride, but sadness as well.  Doug Follingstad is involved in the war effort, part of the tactical support team for General Tommy Franks command in the Middle East.

A first class petty officer in the Sea-bee's, Doug has spent nearly a year away from his family, getting tech-schooling and now in the war effort.

His wife, a former Navy Wav, Kimberly knows that theres a job to be done by her husband and though proud of him, she worries about what he's missing at home.

Kimberly plans to move the family to military housing in California and wait for Doug return from the Middle East.

Bob Hallmark Reporting