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UPDATE: Longview police arrest suspected car burglar

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Less than 24 hours after we showed you the only clue police had in a series on car break-ins in Longview, investigators say they have their man. The suspect is considered a professional burglar.

It was a surveillance picture that police say was instrumental in making an arrest.

"They conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle based on traffic violations," explained Kevin Brownlee. "Once they stopped him, he was found to be in possession of a GPS unit that was stolen from a previous car burglary in Longview that was several days ago."

In custody now, Clifton Craver, 26.

"Mr. Craver is extremely well known to Longview police," said Craver. "Our officers know him on sight when they see him. I think this is Mr. Craver's full time job."

Police categorize Craver as a professional. For many years he made his living out of burglarizing vehicles, but even they were surprised at what they found when they searched his Kilgore area home.

"They found not just a little bit of stolen property but a wide variety of stolen property," said Brownlee.

It was a treasure chest, cell phones, GPS units, iPods, DVD's, stolen credit cards, purses and even guns.

"There are small things that guys like this look for, like a cell phone charger sticking out of a dashboard," said Brownlee.

Police are not sure how many crimes Craver may have pulled off.

"We feel pretty strongly Mr. Craver's been burglarizing vehicles in and around Longview for the past several months or possibly even longer than that," said Brownlee.

Craver remains in the Gregg County Jail charged with burglary of a vehicle. The investigation into exactly how many burglaries he may be responsible continues.

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