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Nothing like a late night meal with friends! YUM!

By Ellen Krafve - bio | email

Bricks were flying and the crowd was cheering as, with a CRASH!!!, the Carr family's home came down! (WHEW! What a sight!) East Texans tuned in from work and home to watch the demolition on (BTW, our Facebook chat is going CRAZY! Get in on the fun!)

But, before the demolition could take place, East Texans had to help move the family's belongings out of their home. My friend Taylor Hemness talked to East Texans who worked late into the night to get things ready for today's demolition. And, with all that hard work, they have to eat sometime, right? Oh yea! Some East Texans sent me these pictures capturing Thursday night's 10 o' clock feast (Thanks to Jucy's and Subway - or the ‘Way of Sub' as we like to call it). You may recognize some of these East Texans:

Brian Spalding took a week of vacation to help!

There's no 'I' in Jucy's as Molly Anthony and Danin Anthony prepare burgers for hungry volunteers.

Project Manager Patrick Judson takes a break to visit with locals on the food committee, Beth Derr and Jenny Clark.

David and Patricia Webb with Subway show up with stacks of healthy sandwiches for hardworking volunteers.

WHEW! Do you think you could drink all this?! Massive amounts of drinks were donated by Coca-Cola of Tyler, Sonic of Mineola, Ozarka, Walgreen's and Borden's.

While you are out at the site volunteering, snap some pictures or video and email them to me and so we can share your stories with East Texas!

I will be at the 2am feeding tonight (YIKES!). Let me know if you will be there, too!



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