Volunteers Aid Seniors With Taxes

Filling out tax returns can be a tedious process when you're not aware of all the new exemptions and laws. That's where the AARP Tax-Aide program steps in.

The volunteer based group helps senior citizens and families on fixed incomes prepare their tax returns. For the next few weeks, tax aides will have work sites set up across East Texas.

Most of the group's clients are retired East Texans who need help understanding the new tax literature.

"Things have certainly changed," says Alan Chamberlain, a tax-aide client from Hawkins. "Deductions we used took off years ago are no longer deductible. All of the laws have changed dramatically."

To get more information about the tax-aide program, go to the  Know More on Seven icon and link to "AARP Tax Help."

   Kerri Panchuk, reporting.