Shuttle Recovery Teams Nearing End

With the war dominating the news, those who continue the search for shuttle debris were seemingly forgotten, overshadowed by the war on Iraq.

For nearly two months recovery crews from all over the U.S. have gone about trying to help NASA solve the shuttle mystery, and trying not to be distracted by everything from the war effort to oncoming spring growth in search areas. Most try to keep their minds focused on the job at hand.

For North Carolina Forest Ranger Derrick Ware, its a tense time... He's a Gulf War Army veteran.  Now in reserves, he is likely going to be recalled for the present War in Iraq. And the recovery effort is going to get harder with Spring and Summer foliage coming on. Many will finish their assignment and go home, but for those like Ware it could be along time before seeing home again.

Over 42-thousand pieces of the shuttle have been recovered so far. NASA has set a target time of another 3 weeks to finish the recovery effort.