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Meet the Carr family

By Layron Livingston - bio | email
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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - After weeks of waiting the East Texas family who is getting an extreme home makeover has finally been revealed. The Carr family from Mineola got a visit Thursday morning from Ty Pennington and company. Katrina, Mike and their four adopted children live on the northwest side of Mineola.

The Carrs say they were "playing with Play Doh and rocking out to Toby Mac" when the big bus pulled up in front of their home. Before long our cameras were rolling, while the crews' cameras were rolling.

"Unreal...just absolutely unreal," said Katrina.

We were able to steal Mike and Katrina Carr away from the madness for a little while. They say they met while working at a camp for special needs children. A few years later, they were married. Then a friend inspired them to adopt.

"I've always wanted to adopt...since I was young...I remember asking Mike while we were's a good thing he said yes," said Katrina Carr.

Nikolas and Haydn were adopted first. Nikolas was recently diagnosed with sensory integration disorder. Haydn was recently diagnosed with scoliosis. Later, the Carr's welcomed Ryanne and Rina into their home. Both girls were born with amniotic band syndrome leaving their bodies limbless and underdeveloped.

All four kids are biologically unrelated and adopted from Kazakhstan.

"Why not?" said Mike. "They're incredible people who, for one reason or another, caught our attention."

"I had people telling me, when we were going for Ryanne, I remember people saying, you can't save everybody, but that was never my intention," said Katrina.

The Carr's say it was their faith which guided them. They say they have seen the show and thought about nominating themselves, but never did.

"I always thought there were other people who could use this...who deserve it more," said Mike.

Despite the fact that Mike himself suffered from juvenile diabetes, thyroid cancer and has had kidney and pancreas transplants.

"Katrina and I just prayed about it...and decided to leave it up to the Lord...If the Lord wants it to happen, he'll make it happen...and he has made it happen," said Mike.

"We want our community to know that we give thanks to God for every person that's had a part in this...we're so thankful," said Katrina.

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