East Texas Food Bank Offers Military Families Support

If you're loved one has been deployed for "Operation Iraqi Freedom", you don't have to go it alone. The East Texas Food Bank wants to take care of the military families left behind.

They're starting a program in their 26 county area to put food on the table for those military families who may need help during the war.

"Our intent here is to help the families that stay behind continue as normal as possible to make sure they have food on the table," says Deacon Ruben Natera, reservist and Food Bank board member. "Also, it is important to note this family is being taken care of in our community."

To tap into the East Texas Food Bank's military assistance program, you can call 903-597-FOOD, that's 903-597-3663 or toll free at 1-800-815-FOOD.

The East Texas Food Bank will help put you in touch with the nearest pantry so you can get the food you need while your family member defends America.

Dana Dixon reporting