John Tyler JROTC Cadets Feel Connection to U.S. Troops

The troops of tomorrow have had a lot on their minds ever since the first missile fired in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"I have two friends and two cousins over there and I don't know where they are and if they are hurt so my tempo has really kicked up," says Adam Gipson, John Tyler JROTC.

These Junior ROTC cadets at John Tyler High school look up to the men and women fighting in America's armed forces. Each morning they raise the American flag above the East Texas sky the cadets think about the sacrifice U.S. Forces are making under a cloud of smoke in Iraq.

"I think that the soldiers are scared, but yet they are brave because they are over there fighting for America and for peace and justice for all nations."

For one senior cadet, this war with Iraq solidifies a commitment he's already made to defend America in the U.S. Marine Corps.

"I think about what's my job going to be like when I do get in and how difficult will it be; what will happen. I get worried, and sometimes I am happy about it, but I am always proud I am going into the marines to help my nation."

For others in John Tyler's JROTC, watching war coverage of Americans fighting to preserve liberty and justice for all has given them even more incentive to join the military.

"Because other people have done it for me then why not do it for others," says Trevor Abney, John Tyler JROTC.

While these future military cadets wait for their turn to serve our country, this hope stays with them.

"I hope they come home real soon so they can be with their families because their family is probably missing them," says Christina Hernandez, John Tyler JROTC.

Dana Dixon reporting