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A Better East Texas: Joe Stack is not a hero

Last week, Joe Stack crashed his single engine plane into an Austin office building.  The action by Stack last week left him and an I-R-S employee dead but it is obvious that he intended to inflict greater harm on our government and government employees.  Some folks on-line have labeled Stack as a hero and actually support his cause.  Everyone has some degree of frustration with our government but that frustration cannot rise to the level of violence.  Stack was not a hero, he was a criminal who carried out murder on an innocent person.  People with the mentality like Stack try to justify their actions and solicit support ultimately looking for a license to commit violent acts.  But this is no way to affect change in government in America.  If our system of government disintegrates and we lose a government - as Lincoln described being  - of the people, by the people and for the people – then we all need help.  Change in government will not happen through violence but it can happen through the voting booth.  Keep that in mind as we prepare to vote in the coming week.  A conscientious voting public will strengthen our government and make for a Better East Texas.

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