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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Carr Family's Past

By Sara Story - bio | email

MINEOLA, TX - We had the chance to meet the Carr family a few years ago. Since then, the family has grown to six. All of the children were adopted from Kazakhstan where they were abandoned at birth. It is a deserving family who has given up so much to overcome the challenges they face.

At age two and a half, Ryanne Carr took her first steps, and KLTV was there. Born with a Amniotic Band Syndrome, Ryanne's legs and an arm were amputated. In a 2005 interview with KLTV, her mom, Katrina Carr said, "I think she notices I'm a little bit different, I'm put together a little bit differently." Different, but not unstoppable. Now six years old, Ryanne can run and loves to climb tress.  "She problem solves and figures things out. If she wants to do something, she will figure it out," said Katrina.

Katrina and Mike Carr adopted Ryanne and her three brothers and sisters from Kazakhstan. Tight on money, they poured all of their funds into the adoptions. "We held a fundraiser and it raised to the penny the money we needed to move forward. And we thought this is the Lord, He is leading this one," said Katrina.

The youngest daughter, Rina, 3, was born with the same disease as Ryanne. She lost one of her legs. "We saw people with disabilities on the street corner. We saw people with disabilities not able to get into buildings," said Katrina.

Adding to family struggles, the oldest child, Nicolas, 9, was recently diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder. It affects his behavior and ability to concentrate. Mike Carr,41, has had pancreas and kidney transplants in the past decade, and continues to have seizures.

It's a family with a heart of gold. Following Ryanne's lead, they've remained optimistic. "I see her being able to do whatever she gets her mind to doing. If Ryanne wants to dance, Ryanne's going to dance," said Katrina. This makeover is guaranteed to help the Carr family follow their passions and overcome hardships.

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