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East Texans react to Toyota apology

By Philippe Djegal - email
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - On driveways, in parking lots, and on the road East Texans love their Toyotas.

"I'm not afraid to get into my car," said Linda Hardwick.

"It's always been a very reliable vehicle," said Lance Kersten. "More so than most American made vehicles."

However, from concerns with Toyota's electronic systems possibly causing unintended acceleration to improper steering in the 2009 and 2010 model Corollas and break problems with the newer model Prius, Toyota is on damage control.

"Watching the hearing today, made it all real," said Shana Ferrara. "I mean, those were real people that died."

Ferrara and her husband are longtime Toyota customers. But, she says her current Toyota could be her last.

"I would probably be hesitant, especially knowing that my children are gonna travel in it," said Ferrara.

And, Classic Toyota in Tyler's sales manager, Scott Reed, says all the attention is impacting sales to a degree.

"Which is understandable," said Reed.

But, he says customers are standing by the company for the most part.

"We've had one or two people that were extremely concerned about the situation," said Reed. "We put their minds at ease. Everybody else has been pretty easy-going about it."

For decades, Toyota has been one of the most recognizable and reliable cars around the world. But, the recent rash of worldwide recalls and intense congressional hearings is forcing some to think twice about buying a Toyota, let alone get inside of one.

"I got a grandson," said Dan Featherstone. "I wouldn't want him to get hurt in one of them."

"I think that the number one thing they need to do is take responsibility and work from there," said Ferrara.

Internal documents reportedly proving Toyota intentionally limited recalls to save money, does not sit well with East Texans.

"I don't know about them being dishonest," said Featherstone. "But, I do know that they got a big problem that they going to have to straighten out."

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