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Hot dog debate

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - For years we've eaten hot dogs fully loaded, plain, and for the toddlers we chop em' up, for safety sake. But, the American Academy of Pediatrics says common sense may not be enough and are calling for a warning label on hot dog packages.

"Number one it's insulting," said Nicole Fish. "Enough is enough. I don't need warnings on everything."

Mother of two, Fish is outraged that AOP is not giving parents the benefit of the doubt when it comes to feeding their kids, and she not alone.

"Your kids are going to choke," said Fish. "It's like, what are you going to tell me next - when you're going to change my babies diaper? I think it's very individual and for someone to say we need to get rid of hot dogs is just being silly."

"I think that's just the biggest waste of time to me," said Tiffany Angus. "Teach your children to chew better. Watch them while their eating."

Angus has a 7-month-old and a 3-year-old who eats hot dogs.

"He loves hot dogs," said Angus. "It's one of his favorite junk foods."

At Sharon's Kid Korner, an East Texas daycare, they make sure little ones have a well balanced meal, and because of the dangers of hot dogs they have a policy.

"We no longer serve hot dogs because of that," said Sharon Marshall. "We stopped a while back."

Marshall agrees that warning labels are OK but it doesn't beat a pair of eyes.

"Some of our kids as you just saw ate pizza and a lot of times that eat to fast, or really don't take time to chew the food," said Marshall. "The label is fine but a lot of it is parental discretion. You got to watch them."

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