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City prepares for future growth

Released by the City of Tyler:

TYLER, TX - At their regular meeting held Feb. 24, 2010, the Tyler City Council unanimously approved two measures that will pave the way for possible future growth along the Highway 69 corridor headed toward Interstate 20.  These measures relate directly to the City's utility extension now under design for the same corridor.

The first measure was approval of an ordinance that established Tyler Industrial District Number One along McWane Incorporated's (also known as Tyler Pipe) property on Highway 69.  The property is not within the City limits; however, it is part of the City's extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ).  State law provides authority to a municipality to designate any part of its ETJ as an industrial district and to take action related to the area that is the best interests of the City.

"The approval of an Industrial District Agreement between the City and Tyler Pipe will encourage expansion and growth of industries in the area," commented Mayor Barbara Bass.  "It will also pave the way for future growth for the City."

The agreement's initial term is 15 years and during that time the areas currently under industrial use in general will not be annexed. However, Tyler Pipe has agreed to petition the City for voluntary annexation of a thin strip of land adjacent to Highway 69.  In return, the City has agreed to provide Tyler Pipe with credit for future water and sewer services in exchange for any taxes paid on the annexed land.

The second measure the Council approved was a Development Agreement with Chamblee's Roses and Gifts, Incorporated.  The Chamblee property also lies in the City's ETJ along the Highway 69 corridor.  The Development Agreement calls for Chamblee to provide an easement to the City for a 24 inch pipeline and to request a voluntary annexation of a five-foot strip of frontage along with the property containing the sales office for the business.  The City has agreed to apply all property taxes collected from the annexed land during the term of the agreement toward utility costs when Chamblee's becomes connected to City water. 

"Both of the actions taken by the City today are setting the stage for future annexations that will allow for even growth in all areas of our community," added Mayor Bass. "This was a goal outlined in the Tyler 21 Plan and we are taking the preliminary steps to realize this vision."

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