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The "I" in Team

By Coleman Swierc

LONGVIEW, TEXAS (KLTV) - Snowy weather has put the halt on most East Texas teams.

But not for two swimmers

"I am here everyday after school," said Grank Koudelka, a sophomore at Gilmer High School.

Both Jennifer Steele and Grant Kudelka love being in the pool and both will lead their teams to state.

"I consider myself a team, I am the team," joked Koudelka.

That's right, Grant, the first swimmer ever from Gilmer and Jennifer, the first female at Chapel Hill, ARE the swimming teams.

"I am sure that thought it was strange that me and him were interested in doing this alone," said Steele, who trains alongside Koudelka in Longview, "but to be honest we have done pretty good."

"Alot of kids tease me, 'here come Michael Phelps, here comes fish boy,' but it is fun no matter what," said Koudelka.

The lone swimmers for thier schools may seem like a bad thing, but not for these two.

"I can't really depend on other people, I have to depend on myself, and that is what makes it fun, what makes it exciting," said Koudelka.

"I think it is cool, I am the only sport from my school that made it to state," said Steele, "I take pride in that, I enjoy it, and I get to be like 'I made it to state, the only team to make it.'"

The only swimmers from two school may have one more thing to be proud of, how about a state championship for the swim teams, with only one name the roster?

"I really want that ring," said Koudelka, "I want a ring that says swim team champions."


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