Longview Englishman's Son Fights for U.S.

A little traditional English tenacity is evident in Longview. 48 year old David Benson of Manchester England is a U.S. patriot. And his son, 20 year old Stephen, is serving in the Navy in Iraqi operations as part of the U.S. fleet.  But none of the Benson's are citizens. Ironically Stephen is fighting for a constitution he doesn't qualify for yet. He's not a citizen either. The Senior Pastor at Grace Creek Church in Longview, Benson moved his family to Texas 5 years ago, and is glad to see his former country supporting his new one. And in the big scheme of things, the Benson family is very much like anyone else who cares for the welfare of their children. The members of the Benson family will all be eligible for U.S. citizenship in 2 years.