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A world away beats the heart of Texas

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Despite the desperate circumstances, Youth with a Mission volunteers in Haiti continue staging Port-au-Prince refugees left homeless after the January quake. An East Texas family living in Saint Marc, along with YWAM volunteers, started building an emergency clinic less then a week after the quake struck, and their hard work is paying off.

"Come join me as we walk into the clinic," said Terry Snow, director of YWAM Haiti, as he toured the new clinic. "This building was totally a disaster."

Five weeks ago, this was an abandoned hospital, soiled in filth and used as a community toilet. Until, now, there was only one hospital in Saint Marc. Today, there are two.

"Right here is where some of our victims are staying," said Snow. "We have mats laid out on the floor."

"They are continuing to make more shelves and benches, but they also have the trailers, where they're unloading mattresses," said Kristian Snow, Terry's younger son. "The mattresses are really nice. They're really tough. So, that when you lay down, you don't feel the ground underneath you."

Meanwhile, Terry's oldest son Wayne is holding the fort down at the YWAM base. The United Nations World Food Program recently donated more than 10,000 Meals Ready to Eat, or MRE's, to YWAM.

Volunteers are handing the food out to refugees registered in their system. YWAM also collected several hundred pounds of rice and beans, which they are sharing with local churches.

"They are making sure that none of this stuff can be used for the pastor's personal use," said Kristian Snow. "They have names written down. They have how much - they've got it down to the pounds of rice of how much each person needs for the entire week."

Port-au-Prince was leveled in a matter of minutes, but it may take decades to rebuild. However, success stories like this clinic, once used as a staging ground to abort children "is now giving life once more, because of Jesus Christ, and everyone's participation," said Terry Snow.

As the days go by, the spotlight on Haiti slowly fades away. The world will move on. But, this East Texas family is here to stay. A world away beats the heart of Texas.

YWAM Tyler continues to send a new wave of volunteers to Haiti each week, assisting in the disaster relief effort. 

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