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East Texas golfers react to Tiger's statements

By Coleman Swierc

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - The apology from Tiger woods came quickly.

Just as quickly as Tiger hopes to turn around his personal life, the page now turns to his professional return, a return for the PGA tour that is deeply needed

"The players miss him, the TV misses him," said Kenny Huff, the head pro at The Cascades in Tyler, "when you take the biggest name out of the sport, it is tough to recover, just like the NBA had when Jordan didnt play."

"He has made the golf world bigger than ever, just because he is that good," said Dick Goetz, a Tiger fan.

In the time Woods has missed on tour...television ratings have plummeted, and sponsorships have declined...all the more reason, whether you like him or not, the tour needs Tiger.

"I know a lot of people that wont watch anymore, just because they do not think it is exciting enough without Tiger," said golfer Charles Randall, "the sport surely misses him and the popularity that he brings."

His return will not be without controversy, Woods actions have alientated many, but it will be necessary, to rebuild what he has lost.

"Just imagine how good he is going to be when he gets past all this," said Tiger supporter Damien Williams, "but I sure hope he hurries back, the sport really misses him."

"We are a very forgiving country," said Goetz, "just look at all the other athletes and people that have messed up and are now forgiven, I think Tiger can do just what they did."

So wether you like him, love him, or can't stand him, one thing is clear, for the sport of golf to flourish, the PGA tour...needs him.


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