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Power to turn night into day

By Jamey Boyum - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Some of East Texas Medical Center's employees can now see in the dark. With military-grade night vision goggles, Air One's pilots and medics have the power to turn night into day.

"What we see right now is lights and darkness," said Jim Speier, the Air One operations manager. "With the night vision goggles, we're able to see virtually daylight in total darkness."

Speier claims it's almost a superpower. But, pretty much everyone has seen that fuzzy, blobby infrared before.

"We're making slight adjustments of the goggles for each eye," said Speier.

So, these are different?

"It's 6,000 times light amplification," said Speier.

We decided to try them out from the air.

"We can see landing zones better...we can see fields, pastures where ever we want to be," said Speier.

It basically turns 2200/2200 vision into 20/20.

"We can see 100 times more stars out there than the naked eye can see," said Speier.

All right. I'm sold. How much?

"[It] runs around $20,000 a set," said Speier.

Yikes! Maybe...payments?

"They are not for the general public...I can't purchase them," said Speier.

And, it turns out nether can we. Guess we will all have to stick to a flashlight. The goggles are regulated by the ATF and have to be checked out during each shift.

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