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Cayuga 100 times better

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

CAYUGA, TEXAS (KLTV) -   If you blink, you may miss the town of Cayuga.  If you blink inside the gymnasium walls, you may miss another Wildcats basket.

"We just push it, push it constantly," said Cayuga senior Sha'keal Jenkins.  "That makes up for the one's we don't make."

The Wildcats don't miss often.  Cayuga has scored at least 100 points in their last ten games, a Texas state record.  It's just four games shy of the national record.

"We did it one game and were like let's keep doing it,"said Cayuga senior Malcome Kennedy.  "Then we got two and kept going. I was like wow."

"We didn't even know there was a record like that we could break," said Cayuga senior Billy Duncan.  "So it was cool when we did."

Cool for some, but not everyone's a fan.

"What I hate is the outside world who haven't seen us play passing judgement on us," said Cayuga head coach basketball coach Greg Jenkins.  Jenkins has been criticized by some coaches and fans. There are postings on message boards saying the Wildcats are running up the score.

"Us running up the score is so far fetched from the truth, it's unbelievable," said Jenkins.

Jenkins says he plays all 13 kids on the roster.  The starters only play half a game.

"I hope these kids, who are great kids, don't get a bad rep for us trying to play the game as fast as we can play it," he said.

"Our first five (players) are good and we have to play hard to get in shape," said Sha'keal Jenkins.  "Then our second squad comes in and is good and have to play the same amount of minutes to get in shape. We're just trying to prepare for Austin."

"We're not running up the score on anybody," said Duncan.  "Some games we could have scored as many as we wanted to, up to like 200 and we don't."

The Wildcats say the record will probably mean more once the season ends.  For now, they just want to bring another state championship to Cayuga.

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