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Graceful & tough

By Ryan Peterson - bio | email

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) -  Ke Wallace knows how find the back of the net.  Wallace leads Grace with over 20 goals this season.  It's not her goal scoring that inspires her teammates.

"I don't know, she's so strong and definitely a blessing to the team," said Grace soccer player Courtney Bane.

Before Thanksgiving. Grace's leading scorer felt a pop.

"I found out I tore my ACL," said Wallace.  "It was a shock. I was like, I guess I'm not going to play anymore."

Everyone expected Wallace to be finished.  A torn ACL is a serious injury, that requires several months of rehabilitation.

"I saw my team play the first two games and I just felt like I could push through my injury," said Wallace.

That's right, torn ACL and all, Wallace returned to the field.  Doctors told her she couldn't cause any more damage, so Wallace is fighting the pain.  Even she doesn't know how.

"Oh gosh, I really don't know how I'm still going," she said.  "I love this game and I just think it's worth it, just to be out there with my teammates."

Ke's twin sister Ka. is one of several other players on the team who's had to pick up the slack.

"Just the fact that she wants to come out here it inspires all of us to give 300 percent," said Ka Wallace.

Other players on the team have also played through injuries.  Some how, some way, Grace has reached the state semifinals.

"I didn't think we'd get this far," said Grace soccer player Caroline Rook.  "I thought we'd make the playoffs, but I never knew this would come."

"We've played countless game with no subs," said Wallace.  "Because we didn't want to put an injured player in. I honestly think we're one of the stronger teams."


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