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Got a hammer? Me, too! Let's get started!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition - East Texas


Woohoo! Anyone else excited about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Volunteer Pep Rally tomorrow? Yes? That's what I thought :-).

Welcome to "Ellen's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition East Texas Blog" (WHEW! Probably need to think of a shorter name. Feel free to email me some ideas!) Beginning with tomorrow's pep rally, the next two weeks will be CRAZY! My hope is to track that "craziness" for you and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the process (from putting together a show to building a house to changing lives).

When I found out the Extreme team was coming to town to change a family's life, I thought, "How perfect. No other place in the world will do as great a job at coming together to serve a family in need as East Texas." If I had to pick the number one reason I am proud to be from East Texas it is most definitely our ability to take care each other. (Feel free to share what you love about East Texas in the comments section below.) I have no doubt this will be the best Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ever!!!

See you at the volunteer kick off tomorrow! Let me know if you are coming so I can keep my eyes peeled for you! (Neal McCoy is headlining the event! I'm thinking boots might be a good accessory :-))

If you want to get involved in the process or just want to keep track of things, I have some links here that you will find to be helpful:

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