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Couple rescuing horses needs your help

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TROUP, TX (KLTV) - Nearly two dozen rescued horses are coming to East Texas after their farm in Michigan was foreclosed on. Joan Tucker owned the Haley Hills Horse Farm in Michigan. But, she says a messy divorce, declining donations, and an increase in feed caused her to fall behind on payments. Foreclosure became a quick and brutal reality and it left Tucker scurrying to find new homes for these rescued horses.

Answering that call, is an East Texas couple, Donyell and Melody Hackett, who lives between Troup and Arp. The Hacketts moved to East Texas from Detroit three years ago. When they heard about Joan Tucker's equine foundation foreclosing, they felt a calling.

"We've been through some of that before losing our homes when we lived in Detroit during the economy so we've got a passion for what she's going through," said Donyell Hackett.

Monday morning five horses arrived, skittish and dirty after more than 20 hours on the road.

"Right now, we've got to get them cleaned up," said Melody Hackett. "Some of them have eaten."

"They're tired, they're hungry and they're a little scared right now, but they're going to be just fine," said Donyell Hackett.

Two of them are retired racehorses. "Polly" was injured in a car accident while pulling an Amish cart.

"It's very easy for these guys right here, especially with their age and their handicaps, to go to the slaughter house and it's disturbing," said Donyell Hackett.

The Hackett's have hundreds of acres.

"Once they set hoof on the ground, they all started to run and it's like they were free," said Donyell Hackett.

They also have a vision of a larger horse rescue center for East Texas. But, with 12 more horses coming in just a week, they know they can not do this alone.

"It's a rocket ride right now," said Donyell Hackett. "What we thought was going to happen in a year or two all of a sudden happened in a day."

"[People can help by] sending donations, we're going to need it, manpower, you name it we're going to need it for a good cause," said Melody Hackett.

They are trying to answer the call, but it is going to take lots of you to make this a success.

"We're on a wing and a prayer plan right now so we're looking for blessings," said Donyell Hackett.

The Hackett's say Joan Tucker is also coming down from Michigan. They are opening up their home so she can get back on her feet.

If you would like to give monetary donations to help the horses, they have an account set up at Arp State Bank under Donyell and Melody Hackett.

If you'd like to volunteer or give equipment, you can contact Donyell and Melody Hackett
at 19290 County Road 2153 Troup, TX

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