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Cat owners thinking outside the (litter) box

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BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - Litter boxes smell, are messy and cat owners say keeping a them tidy can be costly. That is why thousands are training their cats to use the toilet.

Owners of Keeko, the house cat at Bed, Bath 'n' Bonz, say he is the king of the castle. But this king still has to use a litter box.

"It's nasty," said Robin Sawyers, owner of Bed, Bath 'n' Bonz. "Having to clean it out every day, three times a day or more...and litter boxes are just smelly. If you could get a cat to go in the toilet that would be awesome."

Thanks to products like Citikitty, Cat Seats by Evolve Products, and the Kitty Whiz transfer system, Robin Sawyer's dream has become a reality.

"My toilet seat is a little bit big for this but I think I should be able to tape it and it should work," said Sawyers.

Your cat must be litter box trained. You simply put litter in the plastic potty seat and slowly, punch out perforated ovals.

"It gradually makes the hole bigger to where there is not anymore litter left in the box, but they will still have the idea they should go there," said Sawyers.

Putting the system to the test, Sawyers placed Keeko on the commode. In a matter of seconds, he jumped off so we left him alone and came back 30 minutes later.

"Let's check this out one more time," said Sawyers.

The second time, still not a success. The directions say training could take weeks, so Sawyers remains confidant that Keeko will earn his Kitty Whiz diploma.

"Hopefully he'll graduate," said Sawyers.

While some at the store are skeptic everyone is waiting for Keeko to catch on.

"I laughed because I have never seen anybody try to potty train a cat," said Hope Smith, the receptionist at Bed, Bath 'n' Bonz. "I've seen it on TV."

There are downsides to the toilet-training trend. Animal-behavior experts argue it could potentially be harmful for the cat because they are very sensitive to any changes in their litter-box routine.

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