Gilmer Store Drops Prices Again

Well, they're at it again.

The Stop-A-Minit convenience store in Gilmer has dropped their gas prices.

They have the lowest prices around by far.

KLTV dropped by the convenience store Tuesday on highway 271 to find regular unleaded at just $1.39 a gallon.

But just seconds later the price dropped by another three cents to $1.36.

That's compared to prices around Tyler and Longview running anywhere between $1.51 to $1.64 a gallon.

Drivers say because of the lower prices the Stop-A-Minit is the only place they'll filler-up.

"It's pretty good ever since I've been in here they've been doing that so I think it's pretty good. It's usually full here all the time. It's hard to get in and out," says Bobby Whorton.

"Price makes a lot of difference. The price and automatic machines and good window washing equipment. So what else do you want?"

If you find cheap gas in east Texas let us know. Go back to our KLTV homepage and click on the 'pump patrol' icon.

Amy Tatum reporting.