Military Parents Want Americans To Be United

Keith and Paula Parker's son Kacey is in the 101st Airborne Division.

That division and other ground forces have now moved within 50 miles of Baghdad.

The Parker's say during this time Americans should do what they can to support the military instead of second guessing the President.

Two weeks ago the Parker's received a letter from their son Kacey from Kuwait.

"To tell you that these little white pieces of papers are precious to us. They're more precious than gold," says Paula as she looks down at Kacey's letter.

Keith clings to a medallion he and his son bought just before Kacey left for overseas.

"It has the scripture from Genesis it says, 'Lord watch over thee and keep thee, while we are absent one from theother.' I have half of it and he has the other half. The back here has his initials and the one he wears has mine," says Keith as he he holds the medallion.

The Parkers pray Kacey will come home safely and soon.

But Paula says her anguish is increased by people protesting the war.

"I have a lot of anger over people in influential places. That are using that influence to say anything negative. Do we like that he is facing death all around him, no. But he is preserving our freedoms. Some of these men are going to come home minus limbs. Some are going to come home with horrible emotional problems. They paid that price for you and I everyday so we can be able to walk without fear. We owe it to them to be faithful, loyal and unconditionally loving to president Bush and his family. We owe it to them to be faithful, loyal and loving of every person in every position," says Paula.

The Parkers say now is the time for Americans to stand united and telling our troops we believe in them.

Paula Parker has started her own baby wipe drive for the troops.

You can drop off wipes to be delivered at Paula's office located at 133 east Tyler street in Longview.

Amy Tatum reporting.